Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oregon Ducks New Uniforms Salute Oregon History

A tip of the hat (or helmet) to my brother Jason for alerting me to the fact that the Oregon Ducks football team is about to debut a new uniform that pays tribute to Oregon History, including The Oregon Trail.

The uniform, designed for the Ducks by Nike, debuts Oct 10. While silhouettes of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery (missing Sacagawea!) are prominent on the helmet, The Oregon Trail is also commemorated. According to the website goducks,com: "The lines on the helmet represent the principal legs of the 2,200-mile-long Oregon Trail."

I like to think that the graphic novel "Oregon Trail: Road to Destiny" contributed in some small way (along with the video game) to this renewed interest in the OT as a key part of NW history. 

More details and photos can be found at the Ducks' website

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