Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Secret Garden Book Signing...

If you weren't able to attend Tuesday night's book launch and singing at Seattle's Secret Garden bookstore, here are a couple-three photos taken by a friend who attended the event. It was a great time overall--around 80 folks showed up, and we sold at least 40 copies of the book. All in all, a most heartening event in which to christen the release of our first graphic novel as a collaborative team (and our first graphic novel, period)!

Local videographer Ron Austin shot some footage of the event. When he gets that edited together, we'll post a link to the video here. For now, still images will have to suffice...

Intrepid creative duo David Lasky (in suspenders) and Frank Young (not in suspenders) sign copies of the graphic novel (including free-of-charge sketches) and socialize in eight different directions at once!

A dramatic rear view as we improvise our way through a talk about how the Oregon Trail graphic novel came together. The talk went well, and we had some great questions from the other attendees. Thanks, folks (especially for laughing at my jokes)!

More book signing. We signed a lot of copies that evening! David did a delightful sketch of protagonist Rebecca Weston in many copies; I did my best generic ox portrait in several as well.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who attended--you made it a really special moment in our lives and careers!

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